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With Inês Fonseca / +15 years old

This will be a group project, open to the community, with two main aspects: psychoeducational and experiential. The sessions will have a large experiential, practical component, with the support of alternative tools to the word, such as body techniques (Dance Movement Therapy), Art Therapy and Psychodrama. The aim is to acquire personal skills in relation to various mental health topics. It's assumed that, at the end of the project, those involved will have increased their self-knowledge and developed self-regulation tools. The target audience is the community, in general, with a specific direction for teenagers and adults, from 15 years old.

The project is available weekly during the period of May 17th and June 21st, and priority is given to the registration of participants with full availability for the following six sessions:

1. The group and me
What is my place, my role in a group, in my relationships, in society, in the world?
2. Body and mind
What is the mind-body connection? Psychosomatics.
3. Sleep and dreams
What is the role of sleep and dreams for the human being? Hygiene and sleep cycle. Interpretation of dreams and surrealist art.
4. Emotional Intelligence
What is Emotional Intelligence? Tools.
5. Food, me, the body
What is my relationship with food? Emotional hunger. Eating disorders and contemporary art.
6. Breathing and mindfulness
Breathing types. Diaphragmatic breathing training. Mindfulness.

Each session will be associated with a specific artistic work and will be structured as follows:
- “Check-in” moment: moment in which the session will be prepared through an individual physical and psychological self-perception
- Experiential activity: an experiential activity will be carried out, related to the specific theme of the session, which will be followed by verbal group sharing
- Psychoeducation on the topic of the session: presented a more “theoretical” content, always accompanied by a space for sharing and any possible illustrative activity that uses the body and alternative materials
- “Check-out” moment: moment in which the session will be closed through, again, an individual physical and psychological self-perception and relaxation techniques

Inês Fonseca
Inês Fonseca is currently a trainee psychologist at Balleteatro. She's also attending the postgraduate course of Danza Movimiento Therapy, at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She completed her degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto and concluded her studies with the master's thesis “White Swan or Black Swan: the role of dance in mental health”. She is a certified trainer. At the same time, she dedicated herself to dance practice since 5 years old, with a current focus on training in flamenco at Amor de Dios and teaching contemporary dance. She also trained in theater at the cultural association and amateur theater company In Skené. It is in this sense that she's interested in the intersection of the artistic and therapeutic areas, namely through body, expressive and artistic therapies.

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