um centro para o desenvolvimento das artes performativas e imagem em movimento

O Balleteatro

Since its beginning, the balleteatro has had the mission of being a centre for the development of the performing arts. Having inhabited several spaces in the city of Porto, the Balleteatro is since 2015 an artistic structure residing in the iconic Coliseu do Porto. It was founded in 1983, it was restructured in 1989 and 1994, and played a leading role in building an artistic community for the contemporary performing arts that until then had never existed. Having as a fundamental area the creation, it generated the first contemporary dance company in Porto, and presents today a vast repertoire. In addition to the creation, the Balleteatro has always had the training in dance and theatre for children and adults as a priority in its project, becoming a pioneer in the democratization of the arts by opening up to the city its plans (extensive and inclusive) and challenges training. The continuity of this profound work, of contamination between creation and training, which allowed that in 1989 the Balleteatro had seen approved its candidacy as a professional school of theatre and dance, the first in the country with these possibilities. From this school several generations of artists representing the performing arts were formed.

contribuiu de forma relevante para a construção de uma comunidade artística que então não existia na cidade.

It contributed in a relevant way to the construction of an artistic community that then it did not exist in the city.

Defining itself in a multidisciplinary and cross-border territory, highlighting the collaboration with several artists of the plastic arts, photography, cinema, music and theatre and the creation with communities, Balleteatro develops its activities in terms of creation, editing, documentation and research in rapport with groups of Universities, particularly with the Institute of Philosophy of UP.

It is the promoter of the festivals Body + City (performative arts and urban dances) and Family Film Project (film festival dedicated to the memory, archive and ethnography).

The Balleteatro was recognized with the Almada Award (1999) and the Municipal Medal of Merit - Gold Degree (2015).