Following his last choreographic creation RUPTURES, about questioning the movements of humans on earth in the context of the Anthropocene and the climate change, Bouziane Bouteldja, choreografer of the company DANS6T, extends the experience in calling in, in a play with four dancers, different stories giving an overview of the history of migrations and of the big explorers. Taking, as a starting point, gumboot, pantsula, gnawa and traditional dances, Bouziane Bouteldja explores bodies in perpetual movements, ancient rituals and dances of better days. In stageplay using natural elements and materials such as water, soil and sand, he works with dances connected to the ground, creating their own rhythm and dynamic of moving and offering the possibility of a better place. RITUAL DA VIDA, refers to the History of Sapiens, questioning the history of migrations and the big movements of exploration of the world. It creates a connection between yesterday and today, exploring the motivations of this movements and interrogating our perception of the Other one. The ritual establishes here, like a bridge, a junction between socially separated people, in connecting them, a symbolic and organic way. It also evokes the cycles of life and therefore, a kind of universality.
Wall Dialogue Resistance ___ THE PROJECT The project aims to recreate a different way of experiencing public space through direct performance and the indirect involvement of the public in the creative process, describing a landscape and a community through a contemporary interdisciplinary narrative. In a broader European vision, it wants to stimulate the dialogue / participation / interaction of European citizens through a human-site specif participatory approach; apply the creative process for overcoming separations from others, even outside the artistic context; disseminate a creative methodological format to make culture more inclusive. At the center an international artistic team, involved in the development of tools useful for the continuous evolution of the "open" process. This team, at the end of the project, will produce a podcast, a visual story, a documentary, five residence-formats specific to each place, a durational performance of the entire experience and finally a mature and reapplicable methodological process. Wall as a symbol of the spatial and emotional distances existing in human relationships Dialogue as the indirect involvement of voices gathered in response to the question: what is beyond the wall? Resistance as the necessary limit to look beyond, to see a common space that can emerge in all its presence, necessity and poetics. more info on the artistic project on the Il Cantiere website ___ THE IDEA The idea for the project was born in the summer of 2019, with a first residency that involves a group of students from a Faro Theater school and that interrogates the wall also through the 1,2,3 star game. In 2020 the project is suspended but, after a period of reflection and remote rehearsals, it is presented in the form of the first study on the occasion of the reopening of the theaters in Italy, in Bologna, losing the possibility of interaction and direct participation but gaining unpublished and new meanings. The symbolic object and the practical guide of this research remains the wall as a border symbol, a real limit and an imaginary place, which shows us the tension between the need for protection and the desire to go beyond the known, allowing us to explore that "dimension hidden ”of space, which is both physical and emotional. Recognizing a centrality to the body as a tool for listening and dialogue, participation in proximity as well as in physical distance with other bodies, the project continues to involve people through an open question: what is beyond the wall? THE NETWORK partner Sardegna Teatro | Il Cantiere | Associazione noau | Les têtes des Arts | Colectivo Noray | Asociación Hacendera | Balleteatro associated partners Spaziodanza | Pares Sueltos WALL DIALOGUE RESISTANCE | co-funded by CREA-CULT-2021-COOP n. 101055870 (Creative Europe Programme of the European Union)