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Paisagem com Argonautas e outros fragmentos

Igor Gandra & 2nd year Theater Students

Paisagem com Argonautas e outros fragmentos  
Direction: Igor Gandra
Performance: 2nd year Theater Students

Of the world and time we live in, what would Heiner Müller say? We can only try to guess. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, it seems that History decided not to end. Each one of us knows, more or less secretly, that we were part of that History, regardless of our desire, our convictions, our  feelings, our relationship with the dominant mode of production. Or is it not? Or is it, on the contrary, that what we are experiencing today is precisely the result of the combination of desire (and its absence) of billions of humans? Theater alone is not capable of giving definitive answers to questions of this magnitude, but Heiner Müller's theater and poetry can give us relevant clues.

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