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Oficina Criativa - Dança

With Teresa Prima / 3-6 years old

What if we went on a journey together through movement and imagination? We can climb a mountain, roll over a hill or fly in a soap bubble. Where else can we go? 
This atelier explores the connection between imagination and movement, allowing the concept of travel to drive the exploration of different bodily actions combined with different qualities of movement. An invitation to dance, create and enjoy.

Teresa Prima
Creator, performer and educator through movement for over 20 years exploring Creative Dance, Expressive Arts and Somatic Movement. She collaborated (among others) with Educational Services, public and private schools. She's responsible for creative dance activities at Osmope, Tangerina Educação e Ensino and BOA Oficina de Artes. She has promoted several editions of Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance in Portugal.

Application form:https://bit.ly/balleteatro-oficina-criativa-abr22
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