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O Corpo-Embrião na Dança ou O Lugar do Espaço

Workshop with Maria Bartilloti Matos / +16 years old

Only the embryo – and only this one, in any animal – can achieve the most intricate kinetics of vital movement. From the egg we progress to a highly differentiated being through the generation of spaces, fluids, layers, migrations, folds and rotations. In our embryological history we do not limit ourselves to inhabiting space, we create space, we incorporate it. And the embryo teaches us that there is a whole and then the parts. Starting from scientific, philosophical and imagery premises, this laboratory proposes to transpose actors and forces of the embryonic path to movement in a participatory, Goethesian approach to phenomena. For example, the qualities of gametes and the polarity that characterizes them are physically explored. Dynamics are cultivated that mirror relationships between center/periphery and folding/unfolding. At the limit, experiencing the dimension of the imponderable in the embryo that we once were (or are).

Maria Bartilloti Matos
She's a doctor, a specialist in imaging. She was trained in contemporary dance, with a strong component of contact and improvisation. She has skills in the field of video editing, currently collaborating with the documental cinema nucleus KINO-DOC. Since 2017, she has been carrying out a doctoral course in dance at the Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon. Her research involves movement studies from an anatomical and ontological perspective, with an emphasis on embryology. She is a researcher at INET-md.

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