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Projeto Praia Grande

Praia Grande is a project mediated by artists and psychologists that takes place in kindergartens in the Municipality of Porto during the school year, as a curricular component and with the active participation of the educator. Based on a story of pelicans and penguins written by João Paulo Seara Cardoso, the aim is to work on socio-emotional development as a means of preventing violence in a school context. In this journey with puppets, stories, songs, dances and conversations, the educator and the group assume the main role. Despite this regular classroom work, PRAIA GRANDE also finds space for simultaneous work with the older ones, namely with the educational community and guardians. The Praia Grande Day appears as a valuable support both for a more solid knowledge of the importance of emotional skills in childhood, and for an improvement in the socio-emotional well-being of early childhood education professionals.


December 2023