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Balleteatrinho Teatro de Marionetas

With Micaela Soares / 4-8 years old

Based upon the book "O Grande Chefe" by Carlos Nogueira and David Pintor (Tcharan)

Balleteatrinho is a workshop where participants are invited to experience the movement and interpretation of a children's literary work. It is a workshop for raising awareness and introducing the world of dance, theater, cinema, circus, plastic arts and music, based on the stimulation of creativity and imagination. At the end of the session, family members are invited to watch the result of the workshop in a short piece presented by the participants. Concept: Isabel Barros

Micaela Soares
Porto, 1993. She completed her professional acting course at Balleteatro Escola Profissional in 2012. She then did a professional internship at Teatro de Marionetas do Porto. Since then, she has been working with different companies and creators, including Teatro de Ferro, Isabel Barros, Lídia Martinez, Olga Mesa, Thais Guimarães, Teatro da Garagem and Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, where, since 2014, is part of the company's cast. She recently completed her Masters in Interpretation and Artistic Direction at ESMAE. In writing, she premiered two texts at Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, Na Floresta (2020) and Quem sou eu? Em dia de festa (2021).

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December 2023