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A Imprevisibilidade Das Coisas

Elisabete Magalhães & 1º ano Dança Balleteatro Escola Profissional

"A Imprevisibilidade Das Coisas" (The Unpredictability of Things)
The unpredictability of things as our greatest fuel and the need to reinvent ways to found a new position in the world.
How my action / gesture will trigger a transformation in the other. What action should I take to involve the other in a spontaneous reaction without canceling him out? Or can we change everything without implicating the other? Are there limits or can we transgress? It is a game that we have to know how to play, but can we play alone or do we always need the presence of the other? To what extent can I put myself in the other's shoes?
Play and transform. An attempt to deal with transitions, transformations, transgenerations, transgressions, transparencies, transits, perspiration, transferences, disorders, trance. Transit, a common and necessary act in everyday life that refers to this spatial and bodily extension, has the trans radical, which indicates going beyond an obstacle. Moving from one side to another, overcoming distances, externally represents the inner transit, necessary because of the duality between the inner world and the outer world created by the human, also an obstacle. This dual obstacle prevents us from having a real notion of a place, of a landscape, so “human environments are (...) an extension of our own body, both through symbol and technique” (Berque, J.A, 1999) .

Elisabete Magalhães
Dancer, choreographer and video artist. Master in Performing Arts – Interpretation and Artistic Direction (ESMAE) Postgraduate in Contemporary Dance (ESMAE ). Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual (ESAP). Completed balleteatro Escola Profissional. Intern at Fundação de Serralves in the Performing Arts Service in the area of ​​Cinema and Video. She teaches at the balleteatro Escola Profissional and at the ULP in the Dramatic Arts Course - Actors Training. elisabetemagalhaes.pt

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