Rehearsals for the dance solo HENDA I XALA, a creation in co-production with DDD24. It will be the first fruit of the larger project "Confluences", which began as an artistic residency at CAMPUS PCS / DDD23. The project is being developed as a creative platform that brings together a series of artistic experiments based on Oirana Moraes' relationship as a performer-creator with her father, Mário Calixto (1960-1996), a dancer and choreographer. The dance solo being created is based on a chain of questions that seek to put into practice the mechanisms by which we are able to perpetuate memory, relate to time and death, as well as explore the paradoxes inherent in their expressions. This residency took place on weekdays between 30/08 and 08/09/23, from 10am to 1pm, in the space kindly provided by Balleteatro. Oirana Moraes, a Portuguese-Brazilian dancer from Amarante, has a degree in Dance from the Angel Vianna College (Rio de Janeiro) and has trained at the École des Sables (Senegal) and the École de Danse Irène Tassembedo (Burkina Faso). Her research centres on the intersection between contemporary, urban and Afro-Brazilian dance. Wura currently lives and develops his choreographic work in the triangle between Africa, Latin America and Europe.
Uma coisa de sangue is a dance-theater piece that seeks to look at traditional family and social structures and question the influence they have on the construction - or destruction - of individual freedom. Through the study of philosophical and political theories of freedom, social contracts and counter-cultures, the play invites the audience to reflect on their conduct, morals, ethics and current social trends of extreme and separatist thinking.