image of a desert sand


Throughout the piece Distante, the third of the series Landscapes, Machines, Animals the dancers are players, they call upon technique as an evolved way of relating body to body. The body-machine should, above all, follow this line, be able to shape instinct, and give it a new ethical life. The machine, in this sense, is the possibility, through technique and technology, to expand the body and the place without territorializing it. An anti-war message if we wish. Distant by the ethical dimension before the other, distant by a time ruled by repetition, a machinal time used above all to remember.
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Palavras chave: Caminhada. Coleção. Experimentação. Arquivo. Documentação. Registo. Deriva e derivação. Tempo. Objectos. Percurso. Matéria, material e materialização.
Residência Artística Online :: LINK