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solo - repercutir em sinfonia

Bruno Senune // Corpo+Cidade 2022

“solo – repercutir em sinfonia is a group score from a solo that I developed in 2019, entitled prenúncio de uma profunda melancolia. In mesh, ten bodies cross and transit. An ensemble of symphonists who paint and infuse the space and each other in solo. They arise from the desire of arrival at a place, a refuge and a possible end. The limit as regeneration, the stop and what this impels towards the desire of a new departure. The path taken to a nothingness, a place of nothing, a chant under water. Walking, in a fremency that dives, melancholy as a motor, as joy, inwards and inwards, more and more inwards, in the wound, in life going round and round, in the painting, in the volatile. On the ground, ten solos, calibrating, mapping, multiplying.” Bruno Senune

Born in Aveiro, Bruno Senune begins his studies in dance at Balleteatro Escola Profissional (2008-2011). As a performer, he collaborated with Tânia Carvalho, Né Barros, Flávio Rodrigues and Joana von Mayer Trindade, among others. Since 2015 he creates his authorial projects: Lonely (2015) with Flávio Rodrigues, Kid As King (2016), A Deriva dos Olhos (2017), prenúncio de uma profunda melancolia (2019). He models in human figure classes (2010-2020). Since 2020 he has developed an interest in practices related to agriculture.
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