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Beatriz Valentim // Corpo+Cidade 2022

“Initially a solo, Self soon became a duet, for having at its base concepts such as reflexivity and duality. Starting from the sociological concept of ‘self’, I proposed to think what questions we ask ourselves and what questions we ask others; what dependency relations we have from a social point of view; what spaces and contexts we inhabit. The reflexive analysis of the self implies the other and vice versa. The body-contour that you will encounter in this work appears, to me, as a body empty of meaning, ready to receive internal and external stimuli, which will be constantly analysed and experienced by the performers, in a
journey of duality and dualism.” Beatriz Valentim

Beatriz Valentim is a dancer and choreographer. She completed the dance training course at the Escola de Dança do Conservatorio Nacional, she has a degree in sociology from ISCTE-IUL and a postgraduate degree in contemporary dance
from ESMAE. She got a scholarship for Camping 2020 at the Center National de la Danse, Paris. She worked with several choreographers and artists such as Olga Roriz, Jérôme Bel, Raimund Hoghe, Mafalda Deville, Elisabeth Lambeck, São Castro and António Cabrita, Sílvia Real, Francisco Camacho and Né Barros. Self, her latest creation, was initiated in 2021.
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