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Dançar na Rua

Miguel Moreira / Útero // Corpo+Cidade 2022

The street, a revolutionary space, propitious to the encounter with the other and to the reflection about ourselves. In this coming and going, in a group of friends or loners, wandering through the streets. In a first version, a ball going through a city, anonymous.
When we look at that object with life, we don’t know why it exists. When the ball opens, in an unexpected way, a female dancer comes out and dances with the improvisation of a saxophonist. In a second version, two balls go through a space and collide.  They wander again. They open up. A female dancer and a male dancer come out and dance with the improvisation of a saxophonist and a cellist. The scene ends with a long kiss.

Miguel Moreira has a degree in Performing Arts and Crafts. Between 1991 and 1997 he was part of the theatre collective O Grupo, in Almada. He worked in various productions of the collective Olho, in Espaço Ginjal. He participated in various performances of Canibalismo Cósmico. Between 1996 and 2016 he collaborated with Teatro O Bando. In 1997, he founded Útero Associação Cultural where he develops his authorial artistic work. In 2012, along with Romeu Runa, he was part of the official programme of the Avignon Festival and they were both associated artists of Le Centquatre – Paris from 2012 to 2014 in collaboration with Les Ballets C de La B.
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