CORPO + CIDADE, a festival created in 2014 by Balleteatro, designed for the public space and whose concept is the city’s  reinvention, enabling new urban experiences, through contemporary dance, urban dance, performance, music and plastic arts. In 2016, within the partnership between balleteatro and the Teatro Municipal do Porto, the festival CORPO + CIDADE started to integrate the programming of the DDD ‐ Festival Dias da Dança, keeping its mission, the performance in a public space and it became DDD OUT CORPO + CIDADE.

O programa da edição de 2021 do Corpo + Cidade DDD Out será anunciado no início do próximo ano.

Artistic direction: Isabel Barros
Programming: Isabel Barros & Flávio Rodrigues
Production coordination: Lucinda Gomes
Production assistant: Lúcia Ribeiro
Technical management: Alberto Lopes
Communication: Sandra Mesquita
Financial department: José Paulo Sousa
Production: Balleteatro