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escrita | da atenção pluriprisma

Flávio Rodrigues // Corpo+Cidade 2023

"writing | from pluriprisma attention is an experimental, procedural and performative project, it is conceived in 360º and aims to be performed in spaces whose characteristics allow the audience to choose the perspective, the distance and the possibility to move around. Similarly to my previous projects, I propose to continue a reflection and research that puts into practice issues around the performativity associated with the action of designing or constructing devices within the field of installation and sculpture. For this particular project I will use materials that are stored without function and purpose in my father's carpentry workshop." Flávio Rodrigues

Flávio Rodrigues is a multidisciplinary artist. Since 2006 he develops his own projects of multidisciplinary artistic creation, experimental, procedural and autobiographical. Drawing, performance art, object manipulation, sound, movement and sculpture are the essential media he uses. As a performer, he proposes the construction and composition of intuitive devices, using materialities, sounds, images and objectualities that come mostly from processes of spontaneous encounter, reuse and gleaning. The walk and the state of drift have emerged as a meritorious processual base. He is associated artist of Balleteatro since 2021. www.flaviorodrigues.info

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