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Workshop de Movimento Somático

O Mito do Envelhecimento 1ª parte

O Mito do Envelhecimento 1ª parte

This session aims to introduce the Hanna Somatic Education created by Thomas Hanna, a self-regulation practice with a view to the harmony and balance of Soma (body-mind).
Hanna Somatic Education makes use of somatic movement to improve motor control and change muscle patterns. It is an effective method to relieve chronic pain, improve bodily functions and recover from musculoskeletal trauma.
Thomas Hanna discovered that chronic muscle pain results from a chronic state of muscles that do not relax, Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) and that this is an adaptive nervous system response that can be reversed.
In this session, the principles of this methodology will be transmitted and exercises focused on the center will be explored, helping to free the front of the body, reducing the resulting effects of emotions such as fear and anxiety.

All those who wish to acquire a self-regulation tool and develop listening to their “internal teacher.”

Comfortable and warm clothing, yoga mat, blankets and rolls for under the knees (or pillows).

“Working with Teresa was, and continues to be, beneficial and really anti-aging. I corrected postures and physical behaviors gradually and naturally, without effort, either physical or mental. I feel more agile and light. The basic principles of somatic movement, in particular “no effort” and “pleasure”, accompany me in other areas as well and have helped me with important decisions and choices in my life. I thank Teresa for the discovery and for the sweet and careful follow-up." Vanessa Agra, coach and trainer

Teresa Prima

Her studies include dance, community dance, Indian classical dance, Indian martial arts and expressive arts. He studied at balleteatro, Fórum Dança, Attakalari Center for Performing Arts, Meera Dance Academy and Tamalpa Institute, with a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the National Center for Culture and the GDA Foundation.

He is currently taking his training in Education and Somatic Clinic at the Living Somatics Institute.
She has been a choreographer, performer and dance facilitator for over 25 years, specializing in Creative Dance combined with Expressive Arts methodologies. He promoted several editions of Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance in Portugal.


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