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Workshop Vocal Construction of Character

Vocal Score and Transposed Voices

Vocal score
This score consists of a set of notations, represented by conventional signs, which allow the actor to fix and repeat the vocal movements of the character already experimented and selected during rehearsals.
Like what happens with corporality (gestures, postures and movements), the characteristics of orality can be registered, constituting a safety net which doesn't leave the actor to successive vocal improvisations, losing not only rehearsal time, but also the risk of forgetting the direction of the work already done.
On the other hand, during performances, the score provides a support whenever the actor feels less focused or needs to review the orality of the character he is playing.
The score does not inhibit creativity, but rather fosters it, as it offers the actor the reassurance of a safe harbour to recall what has already been done, or to insert into the basic structure changes arising from new experiences or creative repetitions.

Transposed voices
A transposed voice is an artistic creation that integrates the set of characteristics that compose a character (orality, corporality, interiority). It is transferred from the actor's natural voice, distancing itself from it.
A transposed voice serves a concrete dramaturgy, not existing beyond the performance for which it was created. To be credible it has to be supported by a strong interiority.
Creating transposed voices is a risky work of discovery that asks the actor to explore his natural voice without prejudice. When the actor says: "I didn't know I had this voice!!!", he is working on transposed voices!

Teresa Lima
With a degree in Romance Philology, she did the training course for Actors of Comuna -Teatro de Pesquisa, the Course of Pedagogical Sciences and the Course of Art of Saying of the National Conservatory. She taught Portuguese at the Preparatory and Secondary level and Linguistics at the Higher level. As an actress she has worked in Comuna, Novo Grupo (of which she is co-founder) and O Bando. As a voice teacher she has taught in Esmae, Balleteatro and Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo in Oporto and in Centro de Estudos Judiciários, Escola Superior de Dança, Etic and Act- escola de actores in Lisbon. She was part of the Artistic Direction of the theatre O Bando, being responsible for the Orality of about 30 shows of this company. She is a trainer for professionals who use their voices in public.

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