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WHAT TOOK YOU so long?

Maurícia | Neves // Corpo+Cidade 2023

30 Apr / 16h00
Parque de Cidade

An ode on waiting, calm and courage. So rare nowadays. We try to go to the rhythm of other times building a polis with supernatural cadences.

Author's note: This is the last play of the triptych that begins with the play FUCK ME EVERYTHING but the heart!

Maurícia | Neves
Born in Portimão, 1989. Choreographer and performer, also venturing into the area of music, costume and lighting design in her creations. Created the pieces "WHAT TOOK YOU so long?" (2023); "FUCK ME EVERYTHING but the heart! " (2021/2023); "and STILL we MOVE" in collaboration with Joana Castro (2021 ); "anesthetize" (2019); "This is not for sale and is a manifesto" (2018); "I can't see the sea" (2018); "We are NOT so pretentious" in collaboration with António Torres and Barbara Carlos (2017); "The power of unknown CHAOS" (2016); "WE WILL USE SMOKE MACHINES" (2016); "I'm not comfortable talking to you from up here" (2015); "This is not a love story. This is A and B" (2015)

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