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Aconteceu-me um Poema

Aconteceu-me um Poema
Direction: Rui Spranger
Performance: 2nd year Theatre Students

"Vaivém - Encontro de teatro e dança junior” is a program that has as its premise the "School meets the School" at a crossroads between young balleteatro students and students from other schools. In a logic of travel to other locations, a meeting between students is proposed.

Aconteceu-me um Poema
Poetic dialogue between Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and Fernando Pessoa/ Álvaro de Campos/ Ricardo Reis and Alberto Caeiro. "Aconteceu-me um Poema" is the phrase spoken by Pessoa to which Sophia refers to explain the way she wrote. Sophia assumes in her poetry the influence of Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms, making glosses, dedications and quotations and re-interpretations of verses. Placed face to face, they allow diving into the similarities and differences of these 5 poetic identities.

Rui Spranger

Rui Spranger has been working in the cultural area for over 25 years, especially in the areas of theatre, cinema, television and literature. With a long career as an actor and director in companies in Porto, Viana do Castelo, Turin and Paris, in cinema and television in national and foreign productions. He's one of the voices that has most disseminated poetry throughout the country. In his career, dramaturgy, editing, programming, training, production and theatrical and poetic writing are also noteworthy. In 1990, he joined the Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo, which he attended until the end of the 1st period of the 3rd year. In 1994, he asked to be transferred to the Balleteatro – Escola Profissional where he completed his acting course. He attends several training courses in the artistic field with national and foreign creators and companies in the areas of movement, interpretation, voice and production. He works quite regularly with the companies Pé de Vento (Porto), Seiva Trupe (Porto), DyProcess (Paris) and Assemblea Teatro (Turin). He was the founder of Apuro – Associação Cultural e Filantrópica, where he currently serves as board president and artistic director. He is also artistic director of Maçã Vermelha – Associação Teatro e Cultura (Felgueiras), advisor to the artistic direction of Seiva Trupe -Teatro Vivo (director Castro Guedes), programmer of the cycle Solstícios e Equinócios – Poesia at Espaço Miguel Torga (Sabrosa), programmer in the poetry area at the 3rd Gaia International Forum (Vila Nova de Gaia) and, since 2002, he has been responsible for Segundas de Poesia (Poetry Mondays) at Pinguim Café. He is part of the musical projects Do Acaso and La Lys-War Songs.

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