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Ritual da Vida

Bouziane Bouteldja / DANS6T // Corpo+Cidade 2023

Taking gumboot, pantsula, gnawa and other traditional dances as a starting point, Bouziane Bouteldja explores bodies in perpetual movement and ancient rituals, while dancing and hoping for better days. Using natural elements and materials such as water, soil, and sand, the French choreographer creates a piece which alludes to the history of the Sapiens, questioning the history of migrations and the big movements of exploration of the world. It creates a connection between the past and the present, exploring the motivations of these movements and interrogating our perception of the Other. — Bouziane Bouteldja

Bouziane Bouteldja was born in Tarbes (France). He is the youngest in a family of 9 children. He discovered hip hop dance in 1998 with Tayeb Benamara and trained under the tutelage of choreographers Kader Attou, Karim Amghar and Olé Khamchanla. In 2001, he founded DANS6T with a group of dancers, a non-profit dance organisation dedicated to teaching hip hop dance and social work in deprived neighbourhoods. Under Bouziane's direction, in 2007, DANS6T formed its own dance company. Bouziane then committed herself to realizing her own artistic visions, reflecting and questioning social problems. Over the years, her research has become increasingly focused: through her body, she seeks to bring her commitments and convictions to the stage.
December 2023