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Oficina de Circo em Grande

Com Mariana L. Ferreira e Francesco Cerutti Nava

Oficina de Circo em Grande
The circus is something risky that can only be mastered with the balance of forces between body and mind. That said, we took a deep breath and laughed at ourselves.
In this workshop we will have fun getting to know an explorer of acrobatics, balance and juggling in a group and individually. The goal is above all to have fun and find our circus language in a safe and playful environment.

Mariana L.Ferreira is a multidisciplinary stage artist based in Portugal. In the last 20 years, she has worked as an actress, dancer and circus artist in various stage productions in the different countries where she has lived. He conducts classes and courses in circus disciplines, physical theater and other movement practices for children, youth and adults. Specifically as a circus teacher, she worked with Circus Bjerke in Oslo and with Circus Normal and Circus Cirkor in Stockholm.

Francesco Cerutti Na young grew up with the curiosity of the artistic universe, navigating performing arts in variations in regions and countries. Originally from Turin, Italy, he brings with him a direct experience in the world of circus and street arts as a performer and juggler.


December 2023