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Oficina Criativa - Música

With Beatriz Rola / 3-6 years old

This workshop proposes a sensorial exploration through contact with traditional Portuguese music. The workshop will feature stories, musical textures, melodies and soundscapes ready to be integrated and set to music by families. It is also intended to explore the different soundscapes of the Porto region and surroundings, using field recordings either of a remote nature or in a context where human presence is more evident.

Beatriz Rola
Beatriz Rola has a degree in music from the Royal Academy of Music and attended her Masters in Music Leadership at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In addition to her experience as a violinist, she's interested in community work, as well as collaborating with artists from other areas. Of her most relevant activity, some highlight are: the performances with the group aquilo que vocês quiserem, by order of the Educational Service of Casa da Música, having premiered the shows “Bandas Sonoras de Bolso”, “Do Bolso de Walt” and “Pássaro de Fogo ”. She is currently a trainer in the projects A Minha Companhia de Ópera (from the Educational Service of Casa da Música), Orquestra de Famílias de Matosinhos, Há cá Eco and +Literacy (from the Educational Program of the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos).

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December 2023