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Ciclo de Performances Artistas Emergentes

Projeções is a cycle of presentations of work by emerging artists and future creators. The aim is to support these artists in creating and publicising their projects.


1st Phase: Applications
Applications must be submitted by 18 January 2024 using the following online form: bit.ly/projecoes_oficial_2024

2nd Phase: Project selection
The selection will be communicated via email by 9 February 2024

Stage 3: Public presentation of proposals
Date: 11 March 2024

Presentation: Coliseu Porto Ageas

Selection criteria
Participating artists must have a maximum of three creations of their own in a professional context, including the one they propose to present in their application.
The works to be selected are preferably works of visible creative exploration that can generate new visions or new problems about dance, theatre, the body or performance. Preference will also be given to works in a small format and with some portability.

Works can be presented in the form of a study, performance, choreography, play, solo, monologue or group work. Works should not exceed 10 minutes in length. Exceptional cases may be considered by the selection panel.

The ballet theatre is responsible for the presentation, providing facilities, technical and human resources. The balleteatro is also responsible for promoting and publicising the event, using its normal resources.
Each author is responsible for any necessary authorisations or rights.
The estimated cachet is €500.00 per performance.

Final considerations
a)The selected artists authorise the dissemination of the content and images presented in the application by the balleteatro media. balleteatro will only publish the images submitted as part of the Projections cycle, with copyright safeguarded.
b)balleteatro guarantees the security and confidentiality of the data submitted in the application. The information will only be used for the purposes defined.
c)The decision on the acceptance and assessment of applications rests with balleteatro. balleteatro is not obliged to provide comments or justifications on the selection;
d)balleteatro promotes the video and photographic recording of the public presentation of the selected projects for balleteatro's archive. The images may be used to publicise the cycle. Some images may be given to the participating artists.
e)Applying for the Projeções 2024 cycle, the official programme, implies full acceptance of these regulations.

Useful contacts
Balleteatro - Resident Artistic Structure at Coliseu Porto Ageas
Rua de Passos Manuel nº 137, 4000-385-Porto
935239027 / 220194669 | documentacao@balleteatro.pt

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