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Liceu Europa

Tiago Sarmento & 2nd year Theatre Students

Liceu Europa
Direction: Tiago Sarmento
Performance: 2nd year Theatre Students

A group of students, from a private school, prepares for their final exams when a war is ignited within European doors. The physical education class is replaced by military preparation. Liceu Europa is a fragile place about discovery and restlessness in youth, in a time of political instability. Teenagers live their day to day, in the limbo of democracy, while looking for tools to understand the future, passions, sexuality, social hierarchy, excessive fame and loneliness on social networks.

Tiago Sarmento
Tiago Sarmento is an actor and director. He studied fine arts at the Soares dos Reis Art School. In 2014, he graduated in Theater, in the field of Interpretation, at the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo. As part of the Erasmus programme, he attended Northumbria University in Newcastle. In 2015, he completed a Masters in Directing at East 15 Acting School, in London, and also attended an intensive course at GITIS (Russian Institute of Theater Arts), in Moscow. He was part of casts of plays directed by Marco Martins, Nuno Carinhas, Carlos Pimenta, Nuno Cardoso, João Pedro Vaz, Nuno M. Cardoso, Mark Calvert, Whit Hertford, George Siena, Lígia Roque, Lee Beagley and Nuno Pino Custódio. In cinema, he was part of films by António Pinhão Botelho, Miguel Magalhães, Fanny Ardant and Cátia Silva. In 2015, he premiered his performance “#Falling” at The Yard Theater in London. In 2016, he premiered his staging "A Vertigem dos Nosso Corpos" at the FITEI Festival. He currently teaches at Balleteatro and collaborates with Este Estação Teatral and RTP.
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