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Hotel Paraíso

de Ricardo Teixeira

A partir do espetáculo HOTEL PARAÍSO do Coletivo SillySeason (estreou em
novembro de 2021 no Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias - Funchal).

There is a contract everyone must sign before coming in. I hope you brought your ID. Do you accept these terms? How many traffic lights can you identify in this image? Did you bring all the required documentation? Please select your emotional nationality and the constitution of your inner country. Specify your mental age, status, mythological class, address and moral code. If you match what’s expected from you, you will be allowed to enter Paradise Hotel. Sign here to give us permission to access your dating history. Do you mind if I start? It will be quick. This is just a place for reprogramming. Don’t be scared. Let’s demystify some personality codes: what is your first human memory? Sense of identity? Which institution will you inherit? Put your finger here. Trust me, this won’t hurt. It’s pleasant… There’s already a long queue behind you, so don’t waste my time. Europe? I’m not familiar with that laboratory – we use another kind of dream here. You are now ready to enter. Welcome X.

Ricardo Teixeira is an actor and artistic director of Coletivo SillySeason. He studied theater at Balleteatro Escola Profissional and at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. He has worked and collaborated with directors and choreographers such as Arco Renz, Jorge Silva Melo, James Darrah, Nova Companhia, João Mota, Teatro Praga and André Murraças. In cinema he starred in the film Al Berto and participated in the film Quero-te Tanto by director Vicente Alves do Ó. Since 2018 he teaches, as a guest teacher, the discipline of Acting at Balleteatro Escola Profissional.

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