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Bárbara Rodrigues

According to Newton's Third Law, for every action there is a reaction. This implies that a body cannot exert a force on another without also being subjected to a force. Everyday interactions are constantly under the effect of these forces, whether between human bodies or inanimate bodies.
'Interacting forces' explores various moving bodies and their interactions. What happens when a group of bodies explore action-reaction through various movements and interpretations?
The 2nd year class of the dance course explores and deepens the concept, hoping to reach new forms and answers to explain these forces of interaction.

Bárbara Rodrigues, born in October 3rd 2001 in Póvoa de Varzim, Porto, grew up in Vila do Conde where she started her journey. Starting dancing at the age of 9 in a cultural group, dance quickly became her passion. In 2011 he attended the Conservatório de Música de Vila do Conde until the 6th grade with the instrument Violoncello. She participated in the choir and integral orchestra. In 2012 he joined 'Dance Box', a dance academy where he started practicing: hip-hop fusion, house, contemporary, floor bar and later, jazz. In 2014 he joined the competition group and competed in various competitions such as Hip Hop International Portugal and Dance World Cup where he qualified in 2015 for the finals in Bucharest, Romania where he won gold medal in the trio, hip hop category. In 2016 she joined the professional school Balleteatro in the dance course, graduating in the academic year 2018/2019. At this school she obtained training in contemporary dance, ballet and cunningham technique. Also in 2016 he enrolled in 'Just Dance School', an urban dance academy in Leça da Palmeira where he trained in hip hop, popping, locking, house and dancehall. He also joined the school's competition group where he won several awards with the group. In the last school year of high school, he enrolled in 3 more dance academies: MXM (popping and breaking), Praxis Studios (Hip Hop and competition group choreographed by Vasco Alves) and BootCamp IV, a year of intensive club and street Styles training in Lisbon given by Jukebox Crew members. In 2018/2019 he attended a total of 5 schools where he gained training in various dance styles. Finishing high school he decided to continue the journey and audition for 'Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts' in Tilburg, Netherlands. Then in 2019 she started the 4 year course in contemporary urban. Here she worked in various styles such as: afro, floor work, ballet, limon, graham technique and many more. In 2020 he became a member of 'MOTUS The Company', an online company located in Los Angeles created by dancer and choreographer Diana Matos. He was one of the first members and remained a member until March 2022 when the company took a break for personal reasons. In 2022 he travelled to Los Angeles where he undertook a 3 month in-person training with 'Troupe Dance Company' created by dancer and choreographer Antoine Troupe. During this time she also attended classes with several dancers such as: Diana Matos, Popin Pete, Natalie Bebko, Tessandra Chavez, Josh Price, Laurien Decibel and many more. She is currently in her final year at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts doing a residency in Lisbon at Arcade Dance Centre and in Porto as choreographer at Balleteatro.

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