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Crossing Spaces / Living Bodies II

Encontro Corpo + Cidade & Estudantes da FBAUP // Corpo+Cidade 2023

A meeting that marks a collaboration started in the first edition of the festival Corpo + Cidade. A dialogue of invited artists from the balleteatro with students from the FBAUP. A multidisciplinary and site-specific project. Motivated by sharing, by the proximity and creation in several hands, in a will to experience the Today, and seeking to inhabit the public space collectively. Open to all FBAUP students, the creation is generated collaboratively, specifically for Corpo+Cidade.

Jorge Gonçalves
Curator, choreographer, dramaturg, producer, performer, teacher and master in choreography from Amsterdam University of the Arts (2014). Since 2006, he has been presenting his artistic work in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands. From 2009 to 2017, he co-founded and directed the programming and creative structure, MEZZZANINE. He has collaborated with several institutions, running workshops and as a student mentor. Since 2021, he is associate artist and coordinator of the Balleteatro Artistic School.

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