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Balleteatrinho Artes Plásticas

With Filipa Viana / 4-8 years old

Based upon the book “A menina que queria desenhar o mundo” by Adélia Carvalho and Sérgio Condeço (Nuvem de Letras)

Balleteatrinho is a workshop where participants are invited to experience the movement and interpretation of a children's literary work. It is a workshop for raising awareness and introducing the world of dance, theater, cinema, circus, plastic arts and music, based on the stimulation of creativity and imagination. At the end of the session, family members are invited to watch the result of the workshop in a short piece presented by the participants. Concept: Isabel Barros

Filipa Viana
Filipa Viana is a visual artist, born in Porto and graduated from the Faculdade de Belas Artes (FBAUP). She found in both painting and illustration the place to release her unique imaginary and poetic sensibility. Communicative by nature, she also dedicates herself to education, sharing knowledge and launching permanent challenges that explore narrative, in several formats and materials.

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