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Pela tua mão

Puppet and Animated Form Construction Workshop with Micaela Soares / 6-12 years old

In the "Pela Tua Mão" (By Your Hand) construction workshop we will discover how to create some examples of puppets and animated shapes. With access to simple materials, we will realize that building a puppet can be very easy and fun. By Your Hand and imagination you will be able to create your characters from head to toe and manipulate them learning different types of manipulation suitable for the puppets you are going to create. Let's roll up our sleeves and start building!

Micaela Soares
Porto, 1993. She completed her professional acting course at Balleteatro Escola Profissional in 2012. She then did a professional internship at Teatro de Marionetas do Porto. Since then, she has been working with different companies and creators, including Teatro de Ferro, Isabel Barros, Lídia Martinez, Olga Mesa, Thais Guimarães, Teatro da Garagem and Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, where, since 2014, is part of the company's cast. She recently completed her Masters in Interpretation and Artistic Direction at ESMAE. In writing, she premiered two texts at Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, Na Floresta (2020) and Quem sou eu? Em dia de festa (2021).

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