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Apresentação Pública

João dos Santos Martins & 2nd year Dance Students

Apresentação Pública
Direction: João dos Santos Martins
Performance: 2nd year Dance Students

João dos Santos Martins directs the 2nd year Dance students, based on the transmission of Choreography scores.

João dos Santos Martins
João dos Santos Martins is an artist who studied at Escola Superior de Dança (Lisbon), at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels), at the e.x.er.c.e, (Montpellier) and at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies (Giessen). His work, usually developed in collaborative processes, encompasses various forms that focus on dance, whether through choreography, exhibition or editing. These forms are crossed by questions that concern genealogies of dance history, transmission processes, the relationship between practice and discourse, and paradoxes about the activity of dancing. Together with Ana Bigotte Vieira, he created a device for the collective mapping of dance in Portugal — Para Uma Timeline a Haver. He danced in works by Ana Rita Teodoro, Eszter Salamon, Moriah Evans, Xavier Le Roy, Jérôme Bel, Manuel Pelmuş, Rui Horta, among others. He founded Parasita in 2014, an artist cooperative of which he is a member.
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