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Workshop with Diogo Santos

24 Sep / 10h-13h & 14h-17h
Coliseu Porto Ageas

Acrobatic approach to movement through sensitive skills.
Deepening the individual universe of the participant, technical facilitation of improvisation through visual images, memories or imagination for their dance.The junction of dance and acrobatics in an organic and natural way.
Giving the body points of discomfort and risking movements in order to have a wider vocabulary. Offering tools that facilitate the participant's contact with these extremities and some improvisation and composition techniques. This methodology is born essentially from the circus, involving physical theater, acrobatics, dance and clown as inspiration for the development of these movement/dance techniques.

Diogo Santos
Faro,Portugal.1997. Graduated in the School of Arts and Trades of the Show, Chapitô (Lisbon), in the course of Interpretation and Circus Animation and in INAC, National Institute of Circus Arts (Famalicão).

He did workshops in the areas of movement, dance, new circus and acrobatics. She directs workshops in the area of Acrodance and Chinese Mastro. Worked with dancers, directors and directors such as: Gustavo Oliveira, Rita Spider, Andre Paes Leme, Mario Redondo, Damien Droin, Luciano Amarelo, Florence Bernad. Currently he is a freelancer acrobat and dancer, developing his work as performer-creator in projects such as: "Local" cia Um por Um (2021), "Kingdoms and Worlds" by ATO (2021), "Entre deux Mondes" cie Hors Surface (2022) and "BAAL" by Groupe Noces (2023).

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