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A Voz, o Corpo e o Meio

Sound Exploration Workshop with Catarina Sá Ribeiro / 6-12 years old

This workshop opens a space-time dedicated to the search for the inner sound that we all can find when we surrender to the discovery of our primitive instruments: the voice, the body and its relations with the environment that surrounds us - when we find the sound that makes us jump, dance, laugh, cry, be afraid or brave, we are ready to surrender to the music we all are and…create!

Catarina Sá Ribeiro
Catarina Sá Ribeiro is a pianist and composer/creator graduated from ESMAE, living in Porto. She started her musical studies in 1995 at Instituto Orff do Porto, and at the same time, studied dance and theater at Balleteatro between 1994 and 2001. In 2005, at the age of 15, she began to explore the world of music pedagogy and performing arts, and has dedicated part of her career to teaching and various collaborations with educational services and community projects involving music and theater. She presided the “Associação Contra Corrente - fábrica teatral e musical", where she dedicated herelf to amateur theater for 7 years under the direction of António Vieira, as well as to several pedagogical projects with the local community. Shee also teaches piano at “Academia de Música Valentim de Carvalho” since 2013 and composes regularly for various artistic projects.

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December 2023