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A Nossa Carta ao Mundo

Martim Pedroso

24 FEB / 21h30
Helena Sá e Costa Theatre

OUR LETTER TO THE WORLD is inspired by the title of the collection of poems THIS IS MY LETTER TO THE WORLD AND OTHER POEMS by Emily Dickinson and intends to be a scenic writing project in collaboration with students based on the following dramaturgical premises:

1) Given the state of the world, what is relevant, socially and politically, to expose on stage today?
2) What complaints do I have about my country and my home?
3) What can I do to transform my world into a more just world?
4) What is justice? What is happiness?
5) What pride do I have in my country and my home?
6) How do I interact with unhappiness and injustice?
7) Where am I heading?
8) How can I interfere with my future?
9) In what way is the private good reflected in the public good?
10) What responsibilities do we have? What house do we want to build?

The basic idea of this project is to create an authorial performance, based on the practice of Viewpoints (A. Boggart/Tina Landau), using the knowledge and the technical and intellectual tools that the students have acquired during the two years of the Balletatro course and to encourage creative freedom. It is an assessment of the situation and an awareness of the idea of urgency and public service of the arts in general and the performing arts in particular. It is, perhaps, what I consider, the coming of age of the course, where the student becomes more responsible, mature and autonomous. The student is supposed to finish this project with a more refined conscience about the responsibility of the performer-creator and of art itself.

Martim Pedroso
Was born in Lisbon in 1979.He completes the Actor and Director's Degree from E.S.T.C. in 2006 and the Expert Degree in Directing from IPL in 2018. Besides participating in several works as an actor in theatre creations and film and television projects since 1998, he starts his activity as a playwright and director in 2005. Since then, he has enjoyed occasional and biennial support for his creations, namely from DGArtes and the programme for young directors of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He attends the international course for actors and directors École des Maîtres, in 2006, with the award-winning Italian director Antonio Latella. He received the Inov-Art scholarship in 2009 for a 6 months collaboration with Cie. Zerogrammi, in Turin, and has shown his work in the main theatres and creation centres in Portugal, in collaboration with the following co-producers: Teatro Maria Matos, S. Luiz Teatro Municipal, ZDB, Festival Materiais Diversos, FITEI, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Municipal da Guarda, O Espaço do Tempo, Devir/Capa, Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli and Campo Alegre and Teatros Nacionais Lisboa e Porto. Parallel to his work as an actor and director, he dedicates to training, having already taught in several artistic schools such as: Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa, ACT, E.S.T.A.L., In Impetus, Balleteatro and currently teaches in the Testro Course of ESAD in Caldas da Rainha. Among her theatrical productions, she highlights: Marcações para um Crime (2005); Seres Humanos (2006); Dream Play, a triptych (2008 and 2009); Purgatório (2009); A Philosophia do Gabiru (2011); O Grande Salão (2012); Penthesilia, solitary dance for a heroine in love (2012); O Tempo e a Ira (2013); Sonhos de uma Noite de Inverno (2013); O canto do Imperador (2013); AFTER, um delirium fora d'Horas (2014); Can You See Your Feet? (2014); The Three (old) Sisters (2015); Drowned Lucia (2015); Children of the Mothers (2016); Cabaretics (2018); Boudoir; 7 libertine dialogues (2018); Illustrated History of Portuguese Theatre (2019); Opening Night (2021); 5,6,7,8 and One (2022). He is founding member, executive director and co-artistic director of Nova Companhiadesince the year of its foundation, 2013.

December 2023