With Drooping Wings borrows a verse from the libretto of the Opera Dido and Eneas by Henry Purcell and constitutes a reinterpretation of the myth. It consists in two parts: a short film and the performance. The film, directed by Filipe Martins, places us at the threshold of affections by the encounters and missed encounters of characters in transit. The film becomes itself a transit object in its construction logic. The show is based on the work of Purcell and the sound-musical resources of Carlos Guedes and scenography of Manuel Casimiro were thought in a way to intensify the dramaturgy of the movements and the scene. Always exposed, the dancers either become characters or are spectators of what is happening on stage; they are in a kind of in-out of the stage, placing the tragedy in an objective ground. The transit here happens in an absent territory. The transit is the territory itself.