Story Case deals with empty places and people with no history, in the sense of a yet to be seen narrative, yet to be performed. Similar to the body in dance, the individuals in Story Case reveal themselves to us and with the flow of time we document them until they are transformed into characters. Photographing those people makes them become the lead thus creating all the requirements for a story to unfold before the eyes of those who watch. This fictional document ambivalence characterizes the field of investigation and explorations within this project, which combines dance and photography, finding in the desert its inspiring stimulus. In the words of Maurice Blanchot: “The desert is still not time, nor space, but a location without place and a time with no reproduction. There, one is just able to roam, and passing time does not leave anything behind, it is a time without past, without present, time of a promise that is solely real in the emptiness of the sky and the barrenness of a naked land where there is never man, for he is always on the outside”. Besides the metaphor of the body’s representation and this reality detachment to produce another poetical reality, the desert is the lived and experienced moment. In the words of Adalberto Alves, in the desert we even “listen to the rhythm of the breathing which is the reflexion of the heart beat”.


Né Barros