“Recurring word in the cinema and photographic language, Segundo Plano asks us mainly questions about the hierarchy of perception and in the meaning construction of what is being observed. I am thinking about Roland Barthes’s punctum and that which burst in the image and the action to hit you, overcoming other aspects and directing the way in which the emotion is shaped. I am thinking to the guise of a palimpsest whereby writings are layered and accumulated over body and actions. I am thinking about some sort of magma made up of multiple and plural sounds, images and actions that simultaneously constitute a reality that not being the foreground it is not the background as well. This project focus on the lines and ambiguity areas between the fore and background, in the order of importance between things, the grounds’ imbalance and as of this state micro narratives and our reality is built. However, I was interested that all this would occur not in a radical fragmentation or in the rejection of a macro narrative, but in the will that a story hovers there. Like a blurred story. In the end, everything is fiction.”


Né Barros