One of the things I enjoy most about my job is its ephemeral nature. The lightness of beauty. The meeting, the departure. Shared object, intensely lived and soon "lost." Another aspect that I like most in my work is that it can be matter for other works, from new looks, to other things.When I thought about what I could share with the public, in this edition of offdança.pt, I came across a work that never existed physically but only existed as an idea. The result of a great artistic complicity between me and the Albuquerque Mendes, 20 years ago, after our first collaboration, a desire arose: to create a solo for me, directed by  Albuquerque Mendes. This work, never completed, still exists in the form of desire, it was kept in this place where you keep wishes and desires. Now this work that has never been done is shared in a conference format about the ballet, as Albuquerque likes to call it, and that I will one day love  to play it.

Isabel Barros