Among the various crossings, digital art is still an expanding domain in dance. In spite of the appropriation of the new technologies to find several important examples in dance, it is a field with potential to explore at the aesthetic and artistic level. In this project, the body is the first engine of the action, but this choreographic body evolves into a relation with its artificial "double" in order to try to generate a communicative space where the choreographic limits are defied and the Gesture is re-shaped. It is a work naturally in progress, but where its performative possibilities are already tested.

Né Barros

In a generative approach to performance in its digital aspect, we try to create virtual environments of transformation and transition, spaces existing between real spaces, endowed with body and interactivity, in a synergy between light and darkness, between body and gesture, between the real and the digital.

João Martinho Moura

Developed as a collaborative work between the Balleteatro and the Masters in Digital Technology and Art of the University of Minho, this project is an excellent example of the synergies of the various facets of creativity that manifest themselves in the form of the performative, visual, sound and technological in a coherent and complementary whole illuminating the importance of the collaborations between the art and technology. The languages between these two apparently disparate poles intersect, and when mutually understood they make a powerful speech.

Pedro Branco