Originally conceived for a music programme – dance, organised by the Centro Cultural de Belém, this play is the result of my union to the composer Sérgio Azevedo. Besides the formal part of the result (in which a way I embodied), the musical discourse uses a strongly narrative/cinematic vision. That is why throughout the process the dancers were asked to translate into words and movements the sounds and songs of a chosen film. They realised that the most part of the auditory memory was forgotten and they developed a tendency to compensate that loss in designed, rhythmical, burlesque gestures. This play worked into something fictional, circus like, animated, evolving from an absurd play to a comprehensible story where the dancers knew at all times where to act. In a way, these “figures”, quasi-persona are the muted face of that music and the noisy face of the gag gesture. (Né Barros)