Under a strange sky bodies take up a place and beget their routine and their connections. The movements of the bodies together with the scenic device, create the theatrical place, a subjective one, in change, a place that is made of memory. It is this memory that persists after the catastrophe, things have changed and it is only a wide memory. In this place, bodies perform two cycles in almost repetition, they repeat to resist the end that one imagines and for something to last. The final deletion is the spreading of a catastrophe, it is under this state that this theatrical place is a danger zone and space for abandonment. Simultaneously predictable and unpredictable, ballast is also the weight that sinks bodies and, in this case, that haunts them. The sky may fall and it would be the last thing we could predict. As in a no exit, no progress, the choreography is a march on an infinite continuum, it will not take anybody anywhere.