Orange car crash 10 times is the title of an Andy Warhol’s work and the first step towards the creation of this performance. The short moment that precedes the crash, the moment where seven travellers/characters try the intensity of death, life flashing through their minds, is the time and substance of the performance. A short period of time, extended infinitely in order for the characters’ stories to unfold. The ending reveals an imaginary space of destruction, loss and silence. (Isabel Barros) In this “play” the characters rapidly appear one after the other, foretelling a perfect control of its movement, even if this is voluntarily uncertain. Ever present is a state of urgency, the sensation of a possible and impending catastrophe and simultaneously all the joy of accepting the risk of this dance, in which the familiarity of the inter-bodily encounters send us to a given everyday life now seen through a “dancing” prism.