A visita do Rinoceronte is a loony journey through static, photographic images and brief moments of delirious movement. A sort of an imaginary circus. It is a journey to the heart warming time of childhood, the time of day dream, or nocturnal, in the will to allow a lighter existence, looser, more agile, happier and surer. The place is a Circle, a universe of colours where two performers search the place in the world, and they are people, characters, almost objects as if they belonged to unreal places. They are characters of “there” looking for the right place.
THE RHYNOCEROUS VISIT is the first Creation of Isabel Barros for the Movement Incriativo. This structure, made up of several artists, is an initiative of cultural integration for the Alto Minho. It intends to create a space to support the artistic production in all the artistic fields in the region.
In this creation Isabel Barros takes the intersection of numerous performing subjects to a new level, creating scenarios of dance intertwined with the image theatre. It makes us be immersed in its poetic, the imagery of a dreams’ space.