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Adultos 7 aos 10 anos 11 aos 15 anos

To awaken the body to the consciousness about shape, voice, imagination and the audience through games and exercises that explore the acting system of Stanislavsky and Laban. In a second phase, the group will move towards the collective creation of a show.

With students from 7 to 10 I intend to approach theatre in the form of a game, in which the body is the main element. We will develop communication, listening and interaction with space skills, we will explore the voice and sounds, always starting from the creativity and imagination of each one.


With the students from 11 to 15, I intend to approach the development of the character and the text, based on the consciousness of the body, the voice, the space, the senses and the emotions as working tools.

11 aos 15 anos Adultos 7 aos 10 anos
Dança contemporânea

A first series of ground technique exercises stimulate the awareness of body mobility, allowing later on the execution of more complex exercises. The student will have the possibility to explore his own movement, developing the performance.

The classes unfold in an organic way allowing the execution of more complex exercises throughout its duration. The student will have the possibility to explore his own movement, developing interpretation and improvisation.

In class the movement is worked in an organic way, based on the natural postures and alignments of the body. The student will have the possibility to explore his own movement, developing the interpretation and thus eliciting the pleasure of Dancing.

3 aos 6 anos
Despertar artístico
Despertar artístico

A blue butterfly passed by, landed on your roof, and entered through your window. They played creatively with language and flew through their emotions.
When you open the door of your house, art will blossom and it will stay in your heart.

Adultos 4 aos 10 (Iniciação)

Ballet C is a class where teenagers and adults can learn in a playful way the pleasure of dancing and the classical technique itself. We will learn or remember the main notions of the subject and discover the pleasure of the movement combined with the advantages that this subject imprints on the body.

The Ballet - Starters is a class where they learn the basics of classical ballet technique in a playful, fun, creative but serious way. The body will be prepared to receive one of the most interesting dance discipline techniques.

a partir dos 16 anos
Danças Urbanas
Danças Urbanas
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a partir dos 16 anos

Nas aulas de voz e coral, vamos desenvolver e aumentar a capacidades da voz de cada um e explorar vários gêneros de música, do teatro musical ao pop, jazz e rock. E ainda trabalhar na formação de um coro A Cappella, incluindo Beatbox.