Um projeto de Bruno Senune Residência Balleteatro Partilha & Aconselhamento Joana von Mayer Trindade Obrigado a Fátima São Simão
An investigation of the performativity of the hands in the ways they apprehend the world and how the world grasps them. From gesture to functionalism, hands imbue themselves with performative phrases in the most diverse narratives, from the intimate to the public, from tactile to imaginary, hinting different choreographies about the relations with fictional objects and spaces, viewers and abstractions. Through collecting and collage processes, the performance proposes a choreography of visual and verbal relationships in which the performer orchestrates between himself and the audience, the gestural and deictic coordinates that reveal the mechanist of how the different spaces and temporalities are revealed throughout and by hands.
Numa curva contínua, abre-se a fenda até que nela se veja o fim. A figura percorre a orla de um reflexo, levantando na ponta dos dedos o plano sibilante, espessando de tempo a forma inteira.