A harbinger of deep melancholy is a project that arises from the desire to arrive at a possible habitable place, a refuge, and paradoxically, a possible end. The limit as regeneration, the stop and what it drives to the will of a new set off. A place of uninterrupted density. The road to nothingness, a place of nothingness, a fragile and remote voice in a light body, to take me there. Along with this arrival, there is also the desire to delve into the concepts of melancholy, mourning, useful(less)ness, isolation, emptying, and how this motor atmosphere diffuses into public urban space, a place of speed, hysteria, production. I started a solos-breeding course in 2016 with Kid As King where I focused on building a frenetic landscape, an imminent bomb, on the border of suffocation. The panorama of this first solo took me to the imaginary of the following ground, A Deriva dos Olhos in 2017, that appears like a post-ecstasy: the slowness, the impotence, the fatigue, the way crossed until a possible metamorphosis that allows the survival, and which, in its turn, spurred the universe of harbinger of a deep melancholy. I characterize these solos as a journey that transcends moment by moment, in search of language, identity, a path.
An investigation of the performativity of the hands in the ways they apprehend the world and how the world grasps them. From gesture to functionalism, the hands imbue themselves with performative phrases in the most diverse narratives, from the intimate to the public, from the touching to the imaginary, indicating different choreographies of relations with objects and fictitious spaces, spectators and abstractions. Through assembly and collage processes, the performance proposes a choreography of visual and verbal relations in which the performer orchestrates, between himself and the audience, the gestural and deictic coordinates that reveal the mechanicity of how the different spaces and temporalities are revealed through and by the hands.
On a continuous curve, the slit opens until the end becomes visible. The figure traverses the edge of a reflection, raising the hissing plane on the fingertips, thickening with time the entire shape.