Coreografia: Marie Coquil

Interprete: Rozenn Dubreuil

Música: Dominique Cozien

Desenho de Luz: Marc Lepage

Produção: Compagnie pour un soir



Descrição breve da actividade

Contracuerpo is above all Eduardo Chapero-Jackson's short film, discovered within the framework of the international festival of the short movie of Brest by the dancer and the choreographer. They saw there together a point of departure in a work on the theme of the greed.

It is not a documentary on the anorexia, it is a short film of fiction shock on the obsession of a young woman whose dream is to reach the ideal weight to be certified true copy of a model of exhibition. Obsessed by her image, she makes a journey in the labyrinth of her own perception. With her body, she creates a prison exposed to the world and lives the autodestructive dream to become what she is not. In the movie, a model of shop window represents this ideal. The refusal of the curvatures and the femininity leads the thinness as the ideal of beauty.

The dance show exploits  the theme of the refusal of the food to reach an idealized body.

The physical structure is made by angles, by projections and by hollow. She evolves in a frame of one whiteness spotless. The completely empty space leaves the place with the dance 

and obliges the glance to linger only over the body. The screen, always present, makes the link with the movie, as well as the universe bluish.

The dancer, thin, cross different and complex states throughout this dance which is similar to an initiatory road.

This try(essay) deals with the idealized body and with the relationship which we maintain with its image. 

'..Because once you've opened Pandora's Box, you could have hell to pay!'