“Law and Order” is based on the assumption that despite each person being very different from each other, the stories they experience (personal, familial, romantic stories) have many aspects in common. We are interested in exploring the tragedy of mediocrity of the everyday lived by all of us, laughable musical of ordinariness, bitter comedy of day to day. We will try to make it evident on stage, events and mental experiences. In thoughts and in dreams, we drift freely from identity to identity (we are one and are so many, we are ourselves and we are an other); from place to place (we are in a room, in a house, but we live simultaneously in a park, in the streets of the city, and in dreams we live in a hotel room which is afterwards a theatre, which is afterwards a boat, which is afterwards…). This residence is the first step, the first encounter of an active reflection about the topics and personalities of the artists who are part of this project.
Workshop of composition and improvisation.
Starting from the text of Eugénio Ionesco – dramaturgy of Emmanuel Demarcy – comedie of Reims. Project of Interpretation with the third year of theatre of balleteatro escola profissional.
Written in 1988 by a group of secondary school students, including Alfred Jarry, as a parody to the stupidity and the grotesque aspect of their physics teacher, KING UBU is an initiate and precursory of the new theatre of the twentieth century. It would influence decisively artistic and thought movements such as the Dadaism, Surrealism, and the Theatre of the Absurd. The play would be later on rewritten by Jarry and premiered in Paris, in 1896 surrounded in an atmosphere of great polemic.
The plot is set in Poland, this is nowhere, as Jarry himself stated in the presentation of the play. Ubu, monstrous character, despot, corrupt and without scruples, murders the king Venceslau and steals Poland’s throne. Enforcing his power in a brutal and blood thirsty way, throughout a series of episodes of the purest absurdity, his policy becomes catastrophic and Ubu, together with his inseparable Mother Ubu, end up escaping by boat to France.
Jarry would write still throughout his life other plays which carry on the saga of Ubu, as Ubu Bound, Ubu Cuckolded, Ubu at the hill.
Project of Interpretation with the students of third year theatre of balleteatro escola profissional.
Multiplied Still Frames Live time creation, a game where a balance is created between the space and the language in the physical and non-physical dialogue. Choreographical Project with the students of second year of dance of balleteatro escola profissional
The Dispute
Based on the text by Marivaux – Who is more unfaithful in love, Man or the Woman? Project of interpretation with the students of second year theatre of balleteatro escola professional
Workshop of Circus Arts – Juggling and Clown
It is intended with this training to make the students aware of the various circus techniques, pondering slightly over the history and the evolution process, as well as the circus differences, delving into juggling and clown technique. With the second and third year theatre students of the balleteatro escola professional
Workshop of Clown
With the students of the first year of theatre of balleteatro escola profissional
Workshop of African Tribal Dance
With the students of first and second year of dance of balleteatro escola profissional