<p>Professional course of Interpretation / Actor</p>


The theatre course has the purpose to develop a systematic knowledge and an artistic conscience of the theatre phenomenon in its theoretical-practical aspect which are fundamental to the ability of being an actor, promoting a technical work of the body and voice, creating a space for life experiences and new experiences in which the creative and productive process are combined with the practical component in its most definite version: the show. The course includes theories and specific practices as well as a multidisciplinary approach. Within the necessary adaptation to an established curricula by the Ministry of Education, it has been privileged a methodological approach, pragmatic and experimental in the organization of the curricula and activities plan of the school.

condições de acesso
de inscrição

Early enrolment
- From January to June (1 photo like the identity card photo + photocopy of the identity card + early enrolment fee)

Lessons of movement and voice. Exam of text (provided beforehand by the school) or the presentation of an original work that uses text. Interview.

- 3 photographs like identity card
- Photocopy of the identity card
- Photocopy of taxpayer’s card?- Vaccines Bulletin
- Certificate of academic qualifications
- Doctor’s note of physical capability

- Monthly payment established annually at the end of each school year.

- Every year students are assigned subsidies of housing, food, and transport. This scholarship is subjected to the appreciation of the duly noted financial condition of the student.

Área de formação componente de formação horas
Artística - Teatro Interpretation 500
Movement 300
Voice | Singing 300
Training in work context 600
Científica - Teatro History of Culture and Arts 200
Psychology 200
Dramaturgy 100
Sócio-Cultural Integration Area 220
Information and Comunication Technology 100
Physical Education 140
Portuguese 320
English 220
Total de Horas 3200
plano de
  • Bruno Marques
  • Ana Isabel Marques
  • Mafalda Ferreira
  • Filipa Machado
  • Augusto Rodrigues
  • Pedro Henrique
  • Luísa Coutinho
  • Érica Mendes
  • Alexandrina Pinto
  • Miguel Peixoto
  • Jordann Santos
    Artística - Teatro
  • Roberto Merino
  • Mónica Pais
  • António Miguel
  • Raquel Couto
  • Fernando Moreira
  • Sónia Cunha
  • Pedro Almendra
  • Carlos Silva
    Científica - Teatro
  • Nuno M. Cardoso
  • Daniel Amaro
  • Mafalda Soares
  • Ana Camões
  • Fernando Moreira
  • Miguel Bonneville
  • Manuel Tur
  • Jorge Queijo
  • Joclécio Azevedo
  • Igor Gandra
  • Flávio Rodrigues
  • Cristina Planas Leitão
  • Beatriz de Albuquerque
  • Andrea Conangla
  • Teresa Fabião
  • Pedro Sobrado
  • Pedro Carvalho
  • Martim Pedroso
  • Mafalda Lencastre
  • Jorge Louraço
  • Joana von Mayer Trindade
  • Gonçalo Amorim
  • Flávia Tapias
  • Constanza Givon
  • Álvaro Correia
  • António Franco de Oliveira
  • Susana Chioca
  • Pedro Prazeres
  • Pedro Almendra
  • Marta Freitas
  • Luis Marrafa
  • Jorge Gonçalves
  • Joana Castro
  • Francisco Pessanha
  • Felix Lozano
  • Catarina Miranda
  • Andresa Soares
  • Teresa Lima
  • Simão do Vale
  • Pedro Penim